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Accountability – Leadership and Questions

Joan Dexter May 13, 2015 Management Comments Off on Accountability – Leadership and Questions
Accountability – Leadership and Questions

Accountability – much spoken about and little practiced. In case your corporate culture does not possess a couple of key actions, the discipline of accountability will stay elusive inside your organization. These actions fall under two fundamental cultural mandates.

The mandates?

* Support honesty and respect greater than fear.

* Value questions around solutions.

First, honesty and respect. In case your culture supports this mandate, you will see the actions the following inside your team.

Team people:

* Are prepared to say “I’m not sure.”

* Do not get “pummelledInch for getting news you won’t want to hear.

* Admit mistakes.

* Apologize when appropriate and accept others’ apologies readily.

* Pay attention to what others are saying.

* Undertake tough issues directly instead of making the rounds the issue.

Second, pricing questions around solutions. Good questions are crucial to top quality decision-making, learning, and responsibility for results. Here are a few questions which are especially helpful in supporting accountability.

* Whenever a new goal is placed, request “Which side that rise in revenue originate from?Inch or “The way our rivals likely respond to the brand new advertising campaign?Inch

* Whenever a project schedule is increased, request “How would you meet that concentrate on date?” or “What’s the first milestone where we’ll determine if we are on the right track?Inch

* When production delays arise, request “How’s this not the same as our other plants?” or “What’s transformed from recently?Inch

As Ray Bossidy states within the book, “Execution,” “The best choice who executes frequently doesn’t even need to tell people how to proceed she asks questions to allow them to evaluate which they have to do.” Asking “how” questions like individuals in the above list will increase your capability to hold people of the team accountable and that is answer to achieving superior execution.

Do this action tip to boost accountability inside your team. Inside your next staff meeting, request team people to locate possibilities to request “how” something can get done rather than just whether or if this can get done. Lead the way in which by coming prepared with lots of your personal “how” questions. This does not have to be a hostile challenge, just an “searching mind.”

Two key mandates for accountability:

* Support honesty and respect greater than fear.

* Value questions around solutions.

If you’re able to get the culture firmly supporting both of these mandates, accountability, results, and success can come a lot more readily.

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